21 Unicorn Food Ideas To Inspire Your Next Party!

The unicorn fad has been around for a while and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. With my daughter, it’s Unicorn EVERYTHING, so I can only imagine houses with multiple girls.

Parties are a big time to use unicorn food ideas to help make unicorn themed food to serve guests but you can enjoy them anytime at home too. There’s really no bad time to enjoy tasty unicorn snacks. 😉

Check out this round up post of over 20 great unicorn food recipes that are sure to give you inspiration for parties and everyday snacking.

21 Great Unicorn Food (and Drink) Ideas

inside the pull apart bread

Unicorn Pull Apart Bread

With easy canned biscuits and ceam cheese it’s not hard to make this tasty unicorn bread! It looks vibrant and tastes great too.

gluten free unicorn poop cookies

Gluten Free Unicorn Poop Cookies

These gluten free unicorn poop cookies are great for allergy friendly party guests or family/friends. With colorful swirls of cookie, you’re going to want to eat this “poop.”

Unicorn sandwich cookies with a buttercream frosting filling

Easy Unicorn Sandwich Cookies

With vibrant colored buttercream sandwiched between two sprinkle cookies like this, you know they’re going to taste great before you even take a bite. Made with boxed cake mix these are a simple to make treat that everyone can enjoy.

unicorn poop meringue cookes with sprinkles

Unicorn Poop Meringue Cookies

Who knew unicorn poop could be so light and airy? These meringue cookies are covered in colorful sprinkles and look almost too good to eat!

unicorn candy in a muffin liner

White Chocolate Rainbow Unicorn Treats

With several different types of chocolate in every paper lined bite you know this unicorn candy is going to be a huge hit with every chocolate lover (aren’t we all?)

colorful unicorn cookie dough on a sugar ice cream cone

Edible Unicorn Cookie Dough

Who doesn’t love eating raw cookie dough now and again? This unicorn cookie dough is safe to eat because the flour is toasted and there are no eggs! Perfect for kids, pregnant women, and everyone in between. Yum!

unicorn party dip with sparkly star sprinkles

Unicorn Party Dip

A delicious swirly unicorn dip for cookies or fruit! This is exactly what every unicorn party need to accompany the fruit trays!

unicorn cake donuts

Unicorn Cake Donuts

These easy to make cake donuts may use a box of cake mix and can of frosting, but that just keeps everything simple and delicious. 

Scattered pieces of unicorn bark and a white plate and some piled on top

Unicorn Bark

A super quick and easy treat of colored white chocolate, sprinkles, and marshmallows.

pink and blue unicorn popcorn

Unicorn Popcorn

Popcorn is a frugal and fun snack at home or at a party. It’s like the one delicious thing people can agree on all of the time, and this unicorn popcorn recipe is something we can all agree looks incredible.

unicorn banana bread with white icing and sprinkles

Unicorn Bread

This unicorn bread is a banana bread made colorful, unique, and fun. Everyone loves banana bread, but this one can bring more excitement and pleasure to the table than any ordinary loaf of banana bread.

colorful unicorn cheesecake bars

Unicorn Cheesecake Bars

Unicorn cheesecake bars look as magical as they taste! With bright and vibrant colored cheesecake and a delicious crumble on top these bars are awesome and sure to be a big hit!

hand frosted unicorn krispie treats

Frosted Unicorn Krispie Treats

You don’t have to be a professional cake decorator to frost these unicorn treats, in fact, the charm is in the unique hand frosted treatment each one gets.

fruity pebble unicorn treats

Unicorn Crispy Treats

Super easy to make unicorn rice crispy treats that are as flavorful as they are colorful. Made with Fruity Pebbles cereal these are a treat anyone can enjoy!

unicorn pancakes with blueberry eyes

Unicorn Pancakes

What a fun way to start your day. With unicorn pancakes you can start the day with a simple and a full belly, because eating breakfast becomes magical and fun with these easy unicorn food ideas.

unicorn cupcakes with a taffy twist horn

Unicorn Cupcakes

These unicorn cupcakes are so cute and have a taffy twisted horn that anyone can make! With adorable and edible unicorn cupcakes like this, dessert is covered.

healthy unicorn frappuccino

Healthy Unicorn Frappuccino Smoothie

A healthy unicorn frappuccino could be exactly what you need to drink to offset all of that food dye and added sugars. Check out this drink recipe that uses fresh berries and avocado to keep it paleo and keto friendly.

unicorn poop candy buttons

Unicorn Poop Candy Buttons

Candy buttons are a candy that’s been around for decades often called penny candy because it only cost a penny (boy times have changed!) These unicorn poop candy buttons are just as easy to make and so much fun to share with friends in treat bags!

a glass full of unicorn milkshake

Unicorn Milkshake

A fun colorful milkshake like this is something every kid (or adult) can enjoy drinking! Vanilla Ice cream, melted chocolate, whipped cream and sprinkles- it’s what everyone dreams of.

unicorn popcorn in a unicorn bo with the word magic written on it

Unicorn Popcorn

A light and airy pink colored popcorn with unicorn horn sprinkles are a cool way to enjoy unicorn popcorn. Served up in magical unicorn boxes these make the perfect treats for staying in place or taking on the go.

sliced unicorn twist bread with a whole loaf in the background

Unicorn Twist Bread

Unicorn twist bread is a great yeast dough white bread recipe twisted together with vibrant colors and so much fun to eat. Savory with hints of sweet cream cheese filling makes this a great bread to snack on.

And that’s it! I hope you found some great unicorn food ideas for your next party or themed event. With all of these unicorn ideas it’s hard to walk away without some incredible inspiration!

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