Easy Egg Salad Recipe

Nothing ever tastes as good as momma made it and with this easy egg salad recipe, I'm bringing my mother's kitchen to you! A creamy egg salad sandwich isn't too far away.

5 large Eggs ½ cup Mayo 3 tablespoon Mustard ½ teaspoon Dill Weed ½ teaspoon Paprika



Place your eggs in a pot of cool water and bring them up to a boil.

Let boil for 5 minutes and then turn off the heat. Let rest for 5 minutes.


Run under cold water or place in an ice bath for 5 minutes before peeling.

Shred eggs with a cheese grater and add to bowl with all of the other ingredients. Stir together until well mixed.

Spread some egg salad on a slice of bread and then top with lettuce if desired.

Top with another piece of bread and eat

Makes 5-7 sandwiches depending on size.

Serve and Enjoy!

Serve and Enjoy!