Iced Caramel  Coffee Recipe

Dunkin Donuts


Save yourself a trip and $5 by making your own iced caramel coffee at home.

Not only that, but you can adjust it to your own preferences so you know it's going to be made the way you like it, every time.

2 cups Ice  1 ½ cups Brewed coffee 1 Tbsp Granulated sugar ½ cup caramel sauce ½ cup Milk Garnishes Caramel sauce Whipped cream



Add ¼ cup of caramel syrup and 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar into the bottom of each glass.


Add about ¼ cup of coffee to the glass and then use a spoon to swirl the caramel, sugar, and coffee together to help the sugars dissolve.

Carefully add your ice to the cup. Some liquid may splash out of the cup.

Add ¼ cup of milk to each cup.

Use any remaining coffee to fill the glasses up to the top, stopping about ¼ of an inch from the rim so it doesn't overfill.

Stir to combine.

Top with whipped cream and drizzle some caramel syrup on top for garnish.

Serve and Enjoy!

Serve and Enjoy!