Dinosaur Themed Cupcakes

Birthday parties can be complicated, but desserts should be simple. With these easy dinosaur cupcakes, you can have a perfectly festive-themed dessert that's cheap, easy, and so much fun for all ages.



Cupcakes – 1 box (15.25oz) Cake mix (any flavor)  – 3 large Eggs  – ⅓ cup Vegetable Oil  – 1 cup Water (or milk) Buttercream  – 3 sticks Butter, room temp  – 4 ½ cups Powdered sugar  – 2 teaspoon Vanilla extract  – 3-4 Tablespoons Milk  – Airhead candies

– Add your cake mix, oil, water and eggs to a large mixing bowl.



– Whisk together until combined.

– Divide into a paper-lined muffin pan.

– Bake as directed on the cake mix package. About 18 minutes at 350F. Let cool completely before making the frosting.

– Add the butter and powdered sugar to a large mixing bowl. Mix together until blended.

– Add in the vanilla extract. Mix again until combined.

– Add in the milk, one tablespoon at a time, blending after each addition until the frosting is to your desired consistency.

– Once ready, you can divide and color or add to a piping bag with a fitted tip. I like to use a Wilton 1M tip for my frosted cupcakes.

– Unwrap the airheads and grab a clean pair of kitchen scissors.

– On the back of airheads, you'll notice a line down the middle. You'll want to cut on that line to make two halves.

– Now turn each half into multiple triangles by cutting at W-shaped angles.

– Have your frosting, cooled cupcakes, and airhead pieces ready to go in front of you like a little workstation.

– Pipe frosting onto the cupcake.

– Stagger the airhead pieces down the center of the cupcake in a straight row with one tip pointed upwards and a base neatly tucked away in the frosting.

– You can use a solid color per cupcake or alternate colors for a variety.

– If desired, you can add a ring of sprinkles around the edge of the frosting base by spooning sprinkles over the frosting. I recommend using a bowl underneath to catch what drops.

– Continue and repeat until all cupcakes have been decorated.

Serve and Enjoy!

Serve and Enjoy!