Air Fryer  Frozen Pizza Rolls

Ingredients – 25 Frozen Pizza Rolls – 1 Tbps Olive Oil – ¼ cup Marinara Sauce

What You Need

Equipment – Air Fryer – Pastry Brush

– Preheat your air fryer by either selecting the "preheat" option (if available) or by setting the air fryer for 390 degrees F and letting it run for 2 minutes.

Step 1

Brush the tray of the air fryer with olive oil to grease it.

– Place your frozen pizza rolls down onto the tray and try to arrange them in an even layer as much as possible. A little overlapping is okay.

Step 2

Cook at 390F for 7-8 minutes. Shake basket at halfway mark to toss them around.

Step 3

Serve with Marinara sauce and enjoy!

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